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Information about Cabinet

The Council's Cabinet, or Executive as it is also known, is the main policy-making body of the Council and carries out all of the Council functions which are not the responsibility of any other part of the Council, whether by law or under the Constitution.

The Cabinet (Executive) is made up of seven Councillors including the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council and five other Councillors. The Leader is appointed for a four year term of office by a vote of the majority of Council Members. The Leader can be removed from office during the four year term by a vote of the majority of Council Members.

The Cabinet exercises the majority of its responsibilities collectively, however, the Leader can make most of the decisions on his own. The Leader is able to draw up the budget and new policies alone or with the Cabinet.

In addition to the Cabinet Members appointed by the Leader of the Council, the Leaders of the political groups represented on the Council and the Chair of the Monitoring and Co-ordination Group, are invited to attend meetings of Cabinet and take part in the debate, but do NOT have a vote.

Recordings of the meetings can be found on the following link