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Crown Street Library Trustee Board

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Information about Crown Street Library Trustee Board

Crown Street Library was opened on the 23 October 1885.  The library was a great philanthropic gift to the Town by the Pease Family and it has contributed very significantly to the education, advancement and well-being of the people of Darlington.


The Crown Street Library Trustees Board was established in 2020 with the aim of giving more formal recognition to the wider community.  The first meeting was held on 23 October to mark the 135th Anniversary of the opening of the Library, with the intention of holding meetings as close to the original opening date as possible.


The Trustees are the Leader of Darlington Borough Council and three Independent Trustees,  Elizabeth Dodds, Yvonne Richardson and Matthew Roche. More details on the trustees and the terms of reference of the Board are available below:


Information about the Trustees.pdf (

Terms of Reference of the Meeting.pdf (