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Quality Standards Monitoring Outcomes 2018-19 (Year 6) Agreement for the Provision of Residential Care for Adults and Older People and Older People with Mental Health Problems 2013-19

Report of Director of Children and Adult Services


TheDirector of Children and Adult Services submitted a report (previously circulated) updating Members on the outcome of the monitoring visits of those care homes contracting with the Council.


The submitted report outlined the requirement, under the Authority’s Agreement for the Provision of Residential Care for Adults and Older People with a Mental Health Problem, for its Contract Officers to visit all contracted care homes for older people on an annual basis between April and June to monitor the care home against the agreed quality standard, which, along with the home’s environmental grade, determined the fee level for the coming year.  The level of compliance was then graded A – C with A achieving all ten standards and C with eight standards or less fully met.

It was reported that, overall, of the 18 homes visited, 12 had maintained the same grade as last year, four had increased and two had decreased and that there had been an increase in the homes achieving an A grade, however, three previously C homes had not improved. 

Following questions by Members, it was reported that written feedback would be given to providers and action plans would be required from each of the homes to address any shortfalls and that the homes graded C would be monitored again by the Contracts Section against their outcomes and action plans in November/December 2018.


Discussion ensued on the evidence that changes in management within care homes, with multiple managers being in a care home in any one year or significant gaps between managers did result in a dip in standards; the work of the Contract and Brokerage team to provide support and assistance, the difficulties encountered by homes in finding a relevant course to meet the required learning and development plan standard; and the outcome in relation to management of medication.


Reference was made to the standard in relation to nutrition and Members noted that all homes had passed this standard which was reassuring following the work it had previously undertaken around this.


RESOLVED – That the report be received.

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