Agenda item

Notice of Motions


(a) The following Motion was moved by Councillor Curry, and seconded by Councillor Wallis:


That a report be submitted to a future meeting of the Council’s Cabinet to:-


(i)            Look at options to end the use of unnecessary ‘Single Use Plastics’ within the Council; and


(ii)          Encourage businesses; those who contract with the Council; residents; and organisations in Darlington to go ‘Plastic’ free to assist in reducing street litter and contribute to the global campaign against marine pollution.


The Motion was put to the meeting and carried.


(b) The following Motion was moved by Councillor Knowles, and seconded by Councillor S. Richmond:


(i)    That, as this Council believes that action needs to be taken to raise awareness of modern slavery (and the fact that it is happening all over the UK and that the current support for victims is not sufficient and needs to go beyond the 45 days they are currently given by the Government), it agrees it has an important role to play in ensuring Darlington Borough Council’s contracts and supplies don’t contribute to modern slavery and exploitation.


(ii)  That this Council adopt and as far as is practicable implement the Co-operative Party’s Charter against Modern Slavery to ensure Darlington Borough Council’s procurement practices don’t support slavery.


In accordance with Council Procedure Rules, a request was made by five Members for a named vote on the Motion. A named vote was taken of those Members present at the meeting and there appeared:-


For the Motion – The Mayor; Councillors Baldwin, Carson, Cossins, Coultas, Crichlow, Crumbie, Dixon, Harker, Haszeldine, Heslop, C. L. B. Hughes, L. Hughes, Kane, Kelley, Knowles, Lawton, Lee, Lister, McEwan, Newall, K. Nicholson, M. Nicholson, Nutt, Rahman, S. Richmond, A. J. Scott, Storr, C. Taylor, J. Taylor, Wallis and Wright.                                                               (32)


Against the Motion – Councillors Crudass, Donoghue, Johnson and Tostevin.                    (4)


Abstentions – Councillors Mrs. Culley, Curry, B. Jones, Mrs. D. Jones, Marshall, Mills and E. A. Richmond.                                                               (7)


Motion Carried.


NOTE: Councillor Cartwright had left the meeting when the vote was taken.