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Performance Indicators Quarter 2 2018/19

Report of the Managing Director


The Managing Director submitted a report (previously circulated) to provide Members with performance data against key performance indicators for Quarter 2 2018/19.


It was reported that the performance indicators were aligned with key priorities and the majority were used to monitor the Corporate Plan 2017/21. 


Details were provided of the 30 indicators that are reported to this Scrutiny Committee, five Culture indicators and 25 Public Health indicators.  The majority of the indicators were reported and all the Public Health indicators were reported in line with the Public Health Framework National reporting schedule which means the data is at least one year in arrears or related to aggregate periods.


At Quarter 2, data was available for two Culture indicators and three Public Health Indicators.


Particular reference was made to CUL 063 – Number of school pupils participating in the sports development programme which was showing performance better than Quarter 2 last year; and CUL 064 – Number of individuals participating in the community sports development programme which was showing performance worse than at Quarter 2 last year.


In relation to Public Health Indictors it was reported that PHB 044 – Admissions episodes for alcohol related conditions which shows data for 2016/17 had increase from the previous year; PBH 046 – Cumulative percentage of eligible population aged 40-74 offered an NHS Health Check who received an NHS Health Check in the five year period showed data better than when last reported in 2016/17; and PBH 052 – Adjusted antibiotic prescribing in primary care by the NHS showed data worse than last reported for 2016.


RESOLVED – That the performance data reported for Quarter 2 2018/19 be noted.


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