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Ageing Well - Better Care Fund 2017/19

Report of the Director of Children and Adults Services, Darlington Borough Council.


The Director of Children and Adults Services submitted a report (previously circulated) updating the Board on the delivery of the 2017/19 Better Care Fund (BCF) submission and associated plans and providing information to the Board on updated guidance received in respect of how BCF will continue into 2019/20.


The submitted report outlined the current position and work undertaken to date on the workstreams, established to support the delivery of the BCF priorities; outlined the areas where the additional iBCF grant funding was being used; and provided a summary of the 2018/19 Q3 national monitoring report. It was reported that only one of the four metrics was not on track, namely ASCOF 2B, the number of people referred to Social Care Reablement who were still at home 91 days after their hospital discharge. This had been subject to a significant overhaul and as such the new collection procedure was still bedding in, and that Darlington was on track in respect of the implementation of the High Impact Change Model, which was required to be established by the end of March 2019.


The proposal for the BCF plan for 2019/20 was agreed with minimal changes from the current plan, with the inclusion of a Length of Stay metric.


RESOLVED – (a) That progress to date on delivering 2017/19 Better Care Fund objectives as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


(b) That the position in respect of BCF 2019/20, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


(c) That the position in respect of the national metrics and the actions taken, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


REASON – (a) The two-year plan remains in place with delivery progressing well; new guidance issued in June 2018 has not required any amendment or addition. Scheme reviews during the year have led to small changes in the expenditure plan for 2018/19 but not at a material level.


(b) There is an expectation that a further plan will be required for 2019/20 but no guidance has yet been received.


(c) This report summarises the current position.






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