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Issues Arising from Scrutiny Committee - Autism Review Group - Final Report

Report of the Chair of the Review Group


The Chair of the Autism Review Group submitted a report (previously circulated) presenting the outcomes and findings of the Review Group established by the Adults and Housing Scrutiny Committee, to look at the support and advice services available in Darlington for adults with autism, and requesting that consideration be given to the recommendations contained within the final report.


In presenting the report to Cabinet, the Chair of the Review Group stated that the work of the Review Group had focussed on the employment and employability of those people living with autism and that overall the Review Group were relatively satisfied with the support services available in Darlington for people with autism.


Discussion ensued on the work undertaken by the Review Group; the diagnosis of people with autism; and the availability of respite facilities for families living with an adult with autism.


RESOLVED – That the recommendations of the Review Group, as contained within the final report, as appended to the submitted report, be endorsed.


REASON – To ensure that all partners work together to support and improve services for people living with autism.


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