Agenda item

To elect a Mayor for the Municipal Year 2018/19.


Consideration was given to the election of a Mayor for the Municipal Year 2018/19.


RESOLVED - That Councillor Veronica Copeland be elected Mayor of the Borough of Darlington for the Municipal Year 2018/19.


Following her election, the Mayor, made and subscribed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, and:-

(i)          signed the ‘Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Record Book’;


(ii)         was invested with the Chain of Office;

(iii)        tendered her thanks to the Members of the Council for having elected her;


(iv)       announced her decision to support Darlington Association on Disability, the 700 Club and the Royal British Legion during her term of Office; and


(v)        announced that her Escort for the Mayoral Year would be her husband, Mr. David Copeland.