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Carers Update

Report of Director of Children and Adults Services


The Director of Children and Adults Service submitted a report (previously circulated) informing the Board of carers in Darlington; and updating Board on Darlington’s Carers’ Action Plan 2018-20 (also previously circulated).


The submitted report stated that there were 11,048 cares in Darlington as identified by the 2011 census; 25% of cares were providing care for 50 or more hours per week; the largest group of cares were those aged 50-64; and the Darlington Carers’ Strategy Steering Group (CCSG) developed a Darlington Carers’ Action Plan in response to the national Carers Action Plan.


RESOLVED – (a) That the contents of the report be noted.


(b) That Members act as champions for carers in Darlington and consideration be given to support the progress of the carers’ agenda in Darlington.


REASON – To enable Darlington to respond to the requirements of the national carers action plan.


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