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Ethical Governance and Member Standards - Update Report

Report of the Managing Director


The Managing Director submitted a report (previously circulated) updating Members on issues relevant to Member standards and ethical governance.


The submitted report set out a number of datasets of ethical indicators to assist in monitoring the ethical health of the Council and it was reported that, by reviewing and monitoring the indicators, it was hoped to be able to identify any unusual or significant changes in the volume of data recorded for the relevant period that might provide an alert to any deterioration in the ethical health of the authority.


Members viewed a short video ‘the Principles of Public Life: 25 years’ to outline the important role of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, which is an advisory non-departmental public body sponsored by the Cabinet Office and advised the Prime Minister, national and local government about ethical standards in public life in England.


It was reported that there were no particular areas of concern that had been identified from reviewing the data, however Members agreed that it would be useful to obtain some benchmarking data in relation to ethical health from other Tees Valley authorities of a similar size


RESOLVED – That the report and statistical information contained therein be noted.

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