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Project Position Statement and Capital Programme Monitoring - Quarter Two 2020/21

Report of the Managing Director and the Director of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services.


The Cabinet Member with the Resources Portfolio introduced the report of the Managing Director and Director of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services (previously circulated) providing a summary of the latest Capital resource and commitment position, to inform monitoring of the affordability and funding of the Council’s capital programme; an update on the current status of all construction projects currently being undertaken by the Council; and requesting that consideration be given to a number of changes to the programme.


The submitted report stated that the projected outturn of the current Capital Programme was £254.530m against an approved programme of £254.545m; the investment was delivering a wide range of improvements to the Council’s assets and services; the programme, including commitments, remained affordable; the Council had 39 live projects, with an overall project outturn value of £126.126m, the majority of which were running to time; and that the projects were managed either by the Council’s in-house management team, a Framework Partner or by Consultants source via an open/OJEU tender process.


A request was made at the meeting for information on the impact of Covd-19, on the capital projects, in respect of finances and timeliness of those projects moving forward.


RESOLVED - (a)  That the status position on construction projects, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


(b)  That the projected capital expenditure and resources, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


(c)  That the adjustments to resources, as detailed in paragraph 22 of the submitted report, be approved.


REASONS - (a)  To inform Cabinet of the current status of construction projects.


(b)  To make Cabinet aware of the latest financial position of the Council.


(c)  To maintain effective management of resources.


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