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Prospect House, Middleton Road, Sadberge


20/00154/FUL - Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of two storey rear extension, erection of canopy over patio, alterations to rear porch roof and insertion of sun tube to main rear roof, demolition of outbuilding and erection of single storey annexe with mezzanine level (as amended by plans received 09.07.20).


(In making its decision the Committee took into consideration the Planning Officer’s report (previously circulated), the views of the Highway Officer and the Senior Arboricultural Officer, the objections of the Parish Council, four letters of objection, and the responses to questions asked by Members of the Applicant’s Agent during the meeting).


RESOLVED – That Planning Permission be granted subject to the following conditions:


  1. A3 Implementation Limit (3 years)


  1. The development hereby permitted shall be constructed in accordance with the external materials/finishes as set out in the email received 19 August 2020 from the Agent.


REASON – To ensure that the external appearance of the development is of an appropriate design and quality in accordance with Saved Local Plan Policy H12 and Policy CS2.


  1. The development hereby approved shall not be occupied at any time other than for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the dwelling known as Prospect House, Middleton Road, Sadberge and shall not be independently occupied.


REASON – To ensure that the additional accommodation is not severed from the main dwelling to provide a self-contained dwelling unit, which would be contrary to the development plan, and in order that the Local Planning Authority is able to exercise control over the future development of the site.


  1. No additional flank windows or other glazed openings shall be formed in any of the walls of the extension or annex hereby approved without the prior written consent of the Local Planning Authority.


REASON - To protect the amenities of the neighbouring residential property against increased overlooking with resultant loss of privacy.


  1. No demolition, site clearance or building operations shall be commenced until fencing of a height of not less than 2 metres has been erected around the trees, adjacent to the site.  The distance of the fence from the trunk of each tree on the perimeter of the group shall be whichever is the greater distance of the following:-


  1. five metres from the base of the tree; or
  2. the area described by the limit of the spread of the branches of the tree.


Such fencing is to be maintained during the course of the development to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority.


REASON - To enable the Local Planning Authority to ensure the retention of the trees on the site and their protection from damage, in the interests of visual amenity.


  1. Tree Protection (During development)

None of the following activities shall be carried out under the canopy spread of any trees or within a minimum of five metres of the trunks whichever is the greater, except with the consent in writing of the Local Planning Authority: -

(i)    the raising or lowering of levels in relation to the existing ground level;

(ii)   cutting of roots, digging of trenches, removal of soil;

(iii) the construction of buildings, roads or the carrying out of other engineering operations;

(iv) the lighting of fires;

(v)  driving vehicles over the area below the spread of the branches of the tree; and

(vi) the storing of materials or equipment.


REASON - To ensure that a maximum level of protection in order to safeguard the wellbeing of the trees on the site and in the interests of the visual amenities of the area.


  1. The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the approved plans, as detailed below:


8069 (-9) 1 - Existing Site and Location Plan

8069 (21) 2 - Rev C – Proposed Elevations

8069 (-9) 3 - Rev B – Proposed Roof on Site Location Plan

8069 (00) 4 - Rev B – Proposed Ground Floor Layout Plan and Tree Plan

8069 (00) 5 - Rev B – Proposed First Floor Layout Plan

8069 (00) 6 - Rev C – Proposed Roof Plan (larger Scale)


REASON – To ensure the development is carried out in accordance with the planning permission.

Supporting documents: