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Playing Pitch and Facilities Strategy

Report of the Group Director of Services.


The Cabinet Member with the Health and Housing Portfolio presented the report of the Group Director of Services (previously circulated) presenting the updated Playing Pitch and Built Facility Strategy (also previously circulated) for approval.


The submitted report stated that the Playing Pitch and Built Facility Strategy was updated on a periodic basis to reflect actions taken, new guidance and the future direction of travel to ensure the Council, Partners and other parties were best placed to improve facilities across the Borough; the updated strategy gave consideration to both indoor and outdoor sports facilities (including playing pitches); it set out the strategic direction and site-specific priorities for the future delivery of sports facilities across the Borough until 2031; and that it would remain a valid document for the period 2021/25, when the next review would be undertaken.


It was reported that the existing strategy had successfully driven significant improvement and investment in the sporting infrastructure across the Borough; the vision and drivers for the new strategy remained the same; the updated strategy considered the adequacy of existing provision to meet current and projected future need; and set strategic and site-specific priorities for a range of facilities.  References were also made to the methodology for undertaking the review; financial implications; and the consultation undertaken.


In presenting the report the Cabinet Member with the Health and Housing Portfolio made reference to the recommendations from the Communities and Local Services Scrutiny Committee, as detailed in the submitted report, and stated that the Strategy had been updated to include explicit information in respect of disabled sports provision in Darlington, however, it had not been possible to take on board the other two recommendations due to one being outside the scope of the Strategy and due to the tight restrictions relating to the use of the Covid funding.


A Member in attendance at the meeting made reference to the possibility of making funding available for the maintenance and improvement of a playing pitch at North Road.  The Cabinet Member with the Health and Housing Portfolio responded thereon.


RESOLVED – That the Playing Pitch and Built Facility Strategy, as detailed at the appendix to the submitted report, be approved.

REASONS – (a)  To inform the Local Plan and to deliver the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework.


(b)  To ensure ongoing sustainability of the facility stock, ensuring that facilities are effectively managed and maintained and that best uses are made of existing resources.


(c)  To drive participation in sport and leisure within the Borough.?????

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