Agenda item

The Northgate Initiative

Report of Chief Executive


The Chief Executive submitted a report (previously circulated) updating Members on the current position and developments of the Northgate Initiative.


It was reported that the Northgate Initiative, which was established in 2019, comprised of a multi-agency programme which sought to pilot a range of interventions in order to improve outcomes for local residents; and that the workstreams aligned with a local framework for wellbeing indicator set that had been developed by ONS, Public Health England and What Works Centre for Wellbeing and Happy City.


The submitted report stated that there had been some measurable improvements over the past 18 months; that momentum was building as the pandemic restrictions were being lifted; and details were provided of the workstream achievements to date in respect of environment, crime and security, housing, economy, childhood and education, health and shaping places for healthier lives.


Following questions, Members were advised of the intention to implement the methodology and learning from this initiative in other wards where required;the importance of community engagement in achieving the objectives of the initiative;  that work being undertaken to set timescales for outcomes; and Members welcomed the possibility that further empty properties in the ward could be purchased and refurbished as part of the initiative.


RESOLVED – (a) That the report be noted.


(b) That Members look forward to receiving an update at a future meeting of this Scrutiny Committee.

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