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Application for Renewal of LIcence for premises to be approved as a venue for Marriages and Civil Partnerships - Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Darlington

Report of the Assistant Director Law and Governance and Proper Officer for Darlington Registration District


The Assistant Director, Law and Governance and Proper Officer for Darlington Registration District submitted a report (previously circulated) to give consideration to the renewal of a licence for Rockliffe Hall Hotel to be approved as a venue for Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships in accordance with the provisions of The Marriage Act 1949 (as amended by the Marriage Act 1994); the Civil Partnership Act (2004); the Marriage and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) Regulations 2005 and 2021; and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act (2013).


The submitted report gave a summary of Rockliffe Hall Hotel as an approved venue; the designated rooms and maximum capacity for each room; and a copy of the application submitted.


RESOLVED – (a) That Rockliffe Hall Hotel be approved as an approved premises granted for a further three years from 24 November 2021.


(b) That the places designated where civil marriages and civil partnerships can take place indoors of the premises and the maximum number of persons who can attend those marriages and civil partnerships continue to be :


In the Old Hall:


The Morning Room – 65

The Drawing Room – 60

The Cocktail Lounge – 60

The Orangery – 150

The Boardroom – 20

The Campernella – 55

The Old Hall – 40

The Old Hall Foyer – 80


In the New Hall:


The Rockliffe Suite – 170

The Rockliffe Lounge – 100

The Bowes Suite – 30

The Cotherstone Suite – 10


In the Clubhouse :


The Grassholme  - 180

The Stanwick – 20


External Buildings :


The Glasshouse – 120

The Rosebud Curious Cabin – 6 (unlimited guests outside of cabin)

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