Agenda item

Integrated Care Systems - Update by the Chief Clinical Officer, NHS Darlington Clinical Commissioning Group.


The Chair, NHS Darlington Clinical Commissioning Group, gave an update to the Board on the implementation of the Integrated Care Systems.


It was reported that communications had been produced which included a narrative pack, which would be shared with Local Authorities, and an animation which would be put on social media; the focus locally was on the integration of the six Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s), seven Local Authorities and Health Trusts; stated that there was now collaboration between five of the CCG’s and those agencies; that workshops for the CCG’s had been arranged to encourage and promote joint working; and highlighted the importance of having a locality focus.


A member of the public in attendance at the meeting asked a number of questions in respect of the Integrated Care System in respect of decision making, funding, what had been spent to date and whether the public would be informed of the costs.  The Chair, NHS Darlington Clinical Commissioning Group, responded thereon.


RESOLVED – That the thanks of the Board be conveyed to the Chair, NHS Darlington Clinical Commissioning Group, for his informative presentation.


REASONS – To convey the views of the Board.