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Health and Well Being Priorities 2018/19 - Report of the Director of Public Health, Darlington Borough Council


The Director of Public Health, Darlington Borough Council, submitted a report (previously circulated) on the Health and Well Being Priorities for 2018/19.


The submitted report stated that in 2014 the Council had agreed that ‘One Darlington Perfectly Placed’, the Sustainable Community Strategy, would constitute the Health and Well Being Strategy for Darlington, with a suite of plans delivering the strategic objectives; the Health and Well Being Plan was once of those plans and it had been endorsed by the Board in October 2018; outlined the key priorities for 2018/19; and the actions for the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and Darlington Borough Council to deliver those priorities.


RESOLVED - That the submitted report and priorities for 2018/19, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


REASONS – (a)  In April 2017 The Health and Wellbeing Board agreed the Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017/2022 would take a “Life Course” approach.  The Board’s role as Children Trust Board means the plan covers the 0-19 years age group, as well as adults and older people.


(b)  Priorities for action set out in the plan are derived from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and a Development Session held with Health and Wellbeing Board in April 2017.  A verbal update on the plan’s development was given in June and the Board had the opportunity to review the draft in September 2017.


(c)  The Plan has a five year initial life, with annual Health and Wellbeing Delivery Plans which will inform the Health and Wellbeing Board agendas.


(d)  Delivery of the Plan’s objectives requires each partner to align their strategies and plans, to ensure focus and avoid either duplication of activity against the same objectives or activity which does not contribute to the delivery of the Health and Wellbeing Plan objectives.


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