Agenda item

Routes to Work - Presentation by Graham Hall, Operations Manager, Darlington Borough Council.


The Head of Community Safety, Darlington Borough Council, gave a presentation to the Board on ‘Routes to Work’, which was a three year pilot scheme aimed at supporting the ‘hardest to help’ to move back into, or towards work, by providing joined up services, centred around the individual.


Particular references were made to the funding of the scheme; the eligibility criteria; the key elements of the pilot; targets; the ‘customer journey’; the potential clients; the Darlington Local Delivery Plan, including Governance arrangements; the Communications Plan; and the evaluation of the pilot.


Discussion ensued on the publicity of the pilot; the implications on people, particularly young people, of being given the wrong job; and the engagement with the clients.


RESOLVED – That the thanks of the Board be conveyed to the Head of Community Safety, Darlington Borough Council, for his informative presentation.


REASONS – To convey the views of the Board.