Agenda item

Mental Health and Workplace.


Submitted – A presentation on Mental Health and the Workplace, which made comparisons between Darlington, the North East and England as a whole in respect of employment, economic activity and unemployment and employment trends.


The presentation stated that working was good for health and well-being and physical and mental health was generally improved through work; being out of work had a negative impact on health and well-being; and that the gap between the employment rate for people supported by secondary mental health services and the overall employment rate was a good reflection on how well the local mental health system was enabling people with mental health conditions to achieve their employment potential.


It was reported that mental health was one of the biggest issues in the workplace today accounting for over 70 million working days lost each year and that employers could safeguard staff well-being by addressing problems before they became severe and supporting staff when issues emerged.


RESOLVED – That the presentation be noted.


REASON – To enable the Board to consider the work Mental Health and the Workplace.