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Mid Year Risk Management Update Report 2021/22

Report of the Chief Executive


The Group Director of Operations submitted a report (previously circulated) updating Members on the approach to and outcomes from the Council’s Risk Management processes.


It was reported that Risk Management was an essential part of effective and efficient management and planning and it strengthened the ability of the Council to achieve its objectives and enhance the value of the services provided.


It was also reported that positive progress continued to be made within the Authority regarding the management of key strategic risks and the submitted report outlined the work undertaken by Officers to manage operational risks.


The submitted report outlined these risks which are plotted on to a standard likelihood and impact matrix with reference to the management controls in place and working; and detailed progress made on improvement actions for those risks that had been identified as above the ‘risk appetite line’. Risk matrices that reflect the updated Council structure agreed by Council on 28 January 2021 were also attached to the submitted report and highlighted the current Council Corporate and Departmental risks. 


Particular reference was made to the operational risk outcomes highlighted in the submitted report and in particular the risks associated with COVID-19 which were above the risk appetite line; and the new risks outlined in the submitted report.


RESOLVED – That the Mid Year Risk Management report be noted.


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