Agenda item

Housing Revenue Account

Report of the Assistant Director Housing and Revenues


The Assistant Director Housing and Revenues submitted a report (previously circulated) requesting that Members give consideration to the Housing Revenue Account (HRA)– MTFP for 2022-23 to 2025-26.


The Assistant Director Housing and Revenue provided an update on the key decisions within the HRA for 2022-23 which included a proposed revenue expenditure of £25.448M, a proposed Capital Programme of £32.98M and a proposed rent increase.


It was reported that Councils had the discretion to inflate rents by CPI plus 1 per cent, which would mean a rent increase of 4.1 per cent for 2022-23. Members were advised that a number of options were considered at the Cabinet meeting held on 7 December 2021, taking into account the current economic pressures faced by tenants and balancing this with the need to deliver the Councils ambitious capital and energy efficiency programmes, an increase of 2 per cent was recommended which equated to an average £1.64 increase in weekly rents. Members were also informed that Cabinet recommended that service charges be increased by an appropriate inflationary amount.


Following a question in relation to the delivery of improvements to external wall insulation, Members were advised that all improvement work would be delivered as part of a programme; the Council were preparing to tender for a stock condition survey which would include insulation; and Members make Officers aware of any individual cases as required.


IT WAS AGREED – That this Scrutiny Committee has no comment to make on the Housing Revenue Account – MTFP for 2022-23 to 2025-26.



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