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Public Sector Executive Group

Report of the Director, Darlington Partnership


The Director, Darlington Partnership submitted a report (previously circulated) informing Members of the work of the Public Sector Executive Group (PSEG).


It was reported that the PSEG was formed following agreement at Council on 15 July as one of the arrangements that replaced the Darlington Partnership; the PSEG included a range of senior officers from key public sector bodies; and reference was made to the key aims of the PSEG.


Details were provided of the projects and organisations supported by the group; the Director of Darlington Partnership acts as the programme/project lead together with support from the Policy and Performance Manager; and the group was Chaired by the Council’s Chief Executive . Members noted that the PSEG was financially supported by partners and that the group has no decision making authority.


Reference was made to the recent activity of the group which included consideration of social value through procurement; providing comments on the Levelling Up Darlington proposal; and acting as a forum to share issues and pressures resulting from the pandemic and to discuss solutions.


Discussion ensued regarding frequency and attendance for the PSEG; and following a question, the Director, Darlington Partnership informed Members that work was progressing to establish the Stronger Communities Board.


RESOLVED – That the report be received for information.

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