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Proposed Humped Speed Table Newton Lane - Objection

Report of the Group Director of Services.


The Cabinet Member with the Local Services Portfolio introduced the report of the Group Director Services (previously circulated) advising Members of an objection received to a humped speed table on Newton Lane in relation to a ‘Safe Route to School Scheme’ and to seek a decision on whether to proceed with the scheme.


The submitted report stated that the Council had a programme of speed management and Safe Route to School Schemes as part of the Local Transport Plan; Mount Pleasant Primary School had been identified as a priority school for a school 20 mile per hour (mph) zone; the Council had consulted on a scheme to introduce a 20 mph zone on the Newton Lane frontage of the school with associated changes to the traffic calming measures; the majority of responders were in favour of the proposal and officers proceeded to obtain delegated powers to progress the necessary Traffic Regulation Orders; the statutory legal orders for the proposed 20 mph zone were advertised on 14 March for a period of four weeks, and no objections were received; and that the statutory notifications for the proposed humps were advertised separately and one objection was received.


It was reported that the proposed scheme would improve road safety by managing speeds along the road and improving crossing facilities; the introduction of schemes of this nature were to ensure the infrastructure was in place to encourage more people to make sustainable journeys where possible and provide a safer area in the vicinity of the school; and that having assessed the points raised by the objector, officers considered the benefits of the proposed scheme and wider support for the scheme outweighed the potential impact identified by the objector.


RESOLVED - That the objection to the proposed humped speed table on Newton Lane, as detailed in the submitted report, be set aside, and officers be authorised to proceed and introduce the proposed speed table at the designed location.


REASONS – (a)  The scheme complies with Council policy as set out in the current Local Transport Plan.


(b)  The Council is committed to providing a safer highway network around schools to reduce the risk of road traffic collisions.  The proposed physical measures will increase the safety of the school children and residents in this area and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

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