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Health and Wellbeing Board - Terms of Reference

Report of the Assistant Director Law and Governance


The Assistant Director Law and Governance submitted a report (previously circulated) requesting that consideration be given to the revised Terms of Reference for the Health and Wellbeing Board (also previously circulated).


The submitted report stated that the Terms of Reference for the Board were last considered and approved by the Board at its meeting held on 28 November 2019; it had been agreed to review them on a regular basis; a number of minor amendments had been proposed; and that appointment of a new Vice Chair was required following the cessation of the role of the current Vice Chair.


RESOLVED (a) the Terms of Reference, appended to the submitted report, be approved, with the inclusion of the following amendments:-


(i) the deletion of the Tees Valley NHS Clinical Commissioning Group from the  Membership of the Board;


(ii) the addition of North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board to the Membership of the Board;


(b) That Michelle Thompson, Healthwatch be appointed as Vice Chair for the Board.


(c) That the revised Terms of Reference be included within this Council’s Constitution.


REASONS – a) To enable the Terms of Reference to be updated with a number or minor changes.


(b) To enable the Board to consider any further amendments to the Terms of Reference, as necessary.


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