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Designated Officer Annual Report 2021/22

Report of the Assistant Director of Children’s Services


The Assistant Director of Children’s Services submitted a report (previously circulated) to present the Annual report and update Members on the progress and performance of the Designated Officer, April 2021 to March 2022 and to highlight the required actions for April 2022 to March2023.


The submitted report outlined the function of the Designated Officer in line with national guidance and the requirement of all organisations working with children in Darlington to have policies and procedures in place on what their organisation should do when an allegation is made against an employee/volunteer who has contact with children.


It was reported that these policies and procedures were in line with Darlington Safeguarding Partnership multi-agency procedures. 

Members questions related to the processes in place for the Designated Officer to be notified about any referrals from education settings and if the Council were confident that there were sufficient procedures in place within schools to report incidents; and requested clarification on the future priority to examine where the Designated Officer service will be best placed within the local authority.


The Assistant Director of Education and Inclusion confirmed that there were sufficient policies and procedures in place as to what organisations should do when an allegation is made and these are in line with the Darlington Safeguarding Partnership Multi-agency procedures; and specifically in relation to schools, proactively brief them on any legislative changes.


Members also requested further information on non-substantiated cases and how those were dealt with and also the reasons for these case not reducing.


RESOLVED – (a) That the Annual Report and the work undertaken during 2022/23 and the priorities of the Designated Officer service for 2022/23 be agreed and noted.


(b) That all agencies consider how to promote the role of the Designated Officer within their ownorganisation.


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