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The Northgate Initiative

Report of the Director, Darlington Partnerships


The Director, Darlington Partnerships submitted a report (previously circulated) summarising the current position and developments of the Northgate Initiative.


It was reported that the Northgate Initiative was established in 2019 to pilot  collaborative multi-agency working to improve outcomes for local residents in all areas of wellbeing; there had been some measurable improvements since the start of the initiative; and that strong management of the programme has had a positive impact on ensuring the initiative and its outcomes were reflective of the need in the area.


The submitted report stated that a Data Dashboard had been set up to help analyse the impact of the Northgate initiative and to identify any gaps and as a result the focus and targets had changed slightly within each workstream to reflect the real needs of the area; and details were provided of the workstream achievements to date in respect of childhood and education, environment, housing, crime and security, housing and economy.


Reference was made to the community hub, based at Corporation Road School which was in its final stages of planning; the hub would provide a variety of drop in style sessions for the residents of Northgate; and the sessions would begin after October Half Term.


Discussion ensued regarding housing in the Northgate Ward; and following a question regarding Safer Streets funding for other Wards, Members were advised that there were certain criteria to be met and the criteria would be circulated to Members when available. Members were informed that a steering group would identify further initiatives to spend the money that remained from the £298,198 Safer Streets funding received for the Northgate ward.


Discussion ensued regarding participation by residents and following a question regarding the roll out of the initiative to other wards, the Director Darlington Partnerships advised that initiative had relied on collaborative working with partner agencies and a wider roll out was constrained by the resources available. A further update could be provided on the successes and learning to identify learning to be implemented in other wards.


In relation to the Health indicators, Members suggested the inclusion of obesity and physical activity as metrics; and following a question regarding fly tipping, the Assistant Director Community Services advised that fly tipping had reduced slightly across the whole borough.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

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