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Health and Care Integration and the Health and Wellbeing Board

Report of the Group Director of People.


The Cabinet Member with the Health and Housing Portfolio introduced the report of the Group Director of People (previously circulated) updating Cabinet on the suggested changes to the ‘place based’ leadership in relation to the changes implemented through the development of the Integrated Care Board (ICB) and Place based arrangements; requesting that consideration be given to the preferred option following discussion with partners across health, education, care and economic development; and highlighting potential changes to the role and function of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) following the publication of draft guidance by the Government.


The submitted report stated that the Health and Care Act 2022 received Royal Assent on 28 April 2022; the Act included provisions to strengthen health and care integration which the Government set out in more detail in the Integration White Paper (February 2022); alongside other measures, the Integration White Paper offered five options for partnership working between health and social care at a place-based level; those options had been developed by NHS England with the Local Government Association; and that the Integration White Paper asked that health and care partners implement one of the five options by April 2023.  The preference for Darlington was a Joint Committee to enable the North East and North Cumbria ICB to access additional benefits and opportunities for health and wellbeing outcomes for Darlington residents, with the it operating in 'shadow form' from January 2023 and to be fully operational by April 2023.


It was reported that the Act and Draft Guidance published in July 2022 gave an enhanced role to the HWBB; the Board's leadership of the health and care system was emphasised, new responsibilities were proposed including an oversight of any place-based governance arrangements such as a Joint Committee and working with the Integrated Care Partnership to deliver a strategy (or plan) which would effectively address population health and inequalities; and that the proposed changes were likely to mean that the HWBB would meet more frequently and have agendas which covered any Joint Committee and the shared duties with the Integrated Care Partnership.


Discussion ensued on the membership of the Joint Committee and the future role of the Health and Well Being Board.


RESOLVED – (a)  That the potential changes to health and care integration, as set out in the Health and Care Act 2022 and the Integration White Paper (February 2022), and as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


(b)  That the preferred option for future health and care integration be a Joint Committee to :-


                                       (i)      be co-produced with the Integrated Care Board;

                                     (ii)      operate in 'shadow form' from January 2023; and

                                   (iii)      be fully operational from April 2023.


(c)  That it be noted that detailed discussion was needed with health and care partners and that, Government guidance may be published, which would have an impact on the preferred option.


(d)  That further reports be presented following discussions with health and care partners with more detailed proposals for consideration.


(e)  That the likely changes to the responsibilities of the Health and Wellbeing Board and the consequent changes to frequency of meetings and agendas, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


REASONS – (a)  To promote the health and wellbeing of the population, reducing health inequalities, identifying needs, and securing investment to meet those needs are key responsibilities of the Council.


(b)  To discharge those responsibilities effectively, the Council works in partnership with health and care organisations.


(c)  To sustain progress and keep a strong focus on Darlington a Joint Committee is believed to be the best of the options available.


(d)  To avoid duplication and ensure health and care partners are delivering on agreed priorities, the role of the Health and Wellbeing Board is likely to be extended and be enhanced.?????

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