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Council Tax Support - Scheme Approval 2023-24

Report of the Group Director of Operations


The Group Director of Operations submitted a report (previously circulated) which requested that the Council Tax Support (CTS) scheme for 2023-24 be approved.


The submitted report stated that Councils are required to set a CTS scheme each year, and as part of that exercise they must consider whether any changes should be made to any existing scheme, and, where changes are made, consider what transitional protection, if any, should apply to anyone affected by those changes. The submitted report outlined the details of the proposed CTS scheme for 2023/24.


RESOLVED - (a) That the contents of the report be noted.


(b) That the CTS scheme for 2022-23, as appended to the submitted report, and which continues to provide up to 80% CTS for all working age people, be approved.


REASONS - (a)The Council is required to publish a local CTS scheme for 2023-24 by 11 March 2023.


(b) The CTS schemes since 2013 have all been implemented successfully without any major challenges.


(c) The continued application of a reduced entitlement for working aged people is still appropriate, given the current financial position of the Council.

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