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Local Transport Plan

Report of the Group Director of Services.


The Cabinet Member with the Local Services Portfolio introduced the report of the Group Director of Services (previously circulated) providing Members with an annual update on the Local Transport Plan, outlining delivery, performance and public satisfaction in 2022/23 and seeking approval for the 2023/24 programme, including the release of funding.


The submitted report stated that the Tees Valley had secured significant funding from government, including the £310m City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) programme, which would be delivered over the next 5 years; therehad beengood progresson thedevelopment and delivery ofthe transportcapital programme including working in partnership with Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) to deliver elements of the strategic transport plan; in 2022/23 a new Transport Strategy for the Borough, a Town Centre Transport Plan and Parking Strategy had been adopted by the Council, and work was underway on implementing the associated action plans; outlined the progress on the schemes delivered in 2022/23; and the proposed programme of schemes for 2023/24.


It was reported that there was a focus by the Department for Transport (DfT) on progressing the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP) and the Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIP); Darlington had started the delivery of one of the two priority schemes contained within the LCWIP with the creationof phaseone ofa cyclingroute onWoodland Road; an Enhanced Bus Partnership had been created to deliver improvements to bus services; transport patterns had changed since the pandemic and a period of re-basing was taking place; and that the Council continued to monitor transport patterns, highway condition, road safety and public satisfaction to inform investment decisions.


RESOLVED – (a)  That the progress in delivering the Local Transport Plan, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted, and the release of £0.893m Integrated Transport Block and £2.175m Highway Maintenance Funding, be agreed, to deliver the 2023/24 transport programme, as identified in Appendix B of the submitted report.

(b)  That delegated authority be given to the Group Director of Services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Local Services, to agree bidding on external funding opportunities, and if successful, release the funding, including the following:-


                                       (i)      the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP);

                                     (ii)      schemesas detailedin theCity RegionSustainable TransportSettlement (CRSTS) Delivery Plan;

                                   (iii)      Capability and Ambition Fund (CAF) – active travel revenue;

                                   (iv)      Active Travel Fund (ATF) – active travel capital; and

                                     (v)      Tees Valley Combined Authority Levelling up Fund (LUF).


(c)  That the performance data relating to transport services, as detailed in Appendix C of the submitted report, be noted.


REASONS – (a)  To continue to deliver Darlington’s Transport Strategy as set out in the newly adopted Darlington Transport Plan, Town Centre Transport Plan and Parking Strategy 2022 to 2030, which support the Tees Valley Strategic Transport Plan (STP).


(b)  To maximise the opportunities to maintain the highway asset for the benefit of all road users.


(c)  To assist the Tees Valley Combined Authority in the delivery of the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans and the Bus Service Improvement Plans programmes, in line with Government guidance.?????

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