Agenda item

Management of Open Spaces

Presentation by the Head of Environmental Services


The Head of Environmental Services gave a presentation (previously circulated) updating Members on the management of open spaces in Darlington.


The presentation outlined the types of open spaces in Darlington and the resources in place to manage the open spaces; details were provided of the volunteer groups, which included 17 Friends Groups and 470 street champions; and the support provided by the Council to the volunteer groups was outlined.


Details were provided of the range of other agencies involved in managing open spaces in Darlington; the Inspections and Health and Safety regime was outlined and Members noted the other undertakings by the Council including maintaining wildflower sites, maintenance of sports pitches and play areas.


Members queried the sufficiency of signage and lifesaving equipment, particularly in relation to frozen bodies of water. It was reported that an emergency meeting of the water safety group had taken place to identify requirements for additional measures and that increased signage and comms was planned. 


Discussion ensued regarding the adequacy of the resources in place to manage open spaces in the borough; the lack of formal strategy to manage open spaces; and following a question, Members were informed that insurance for all volunteers involved in managing open spaces was funded by the Council.


RESOLVED – That the Head of Environmental Services be thanked for his informative and interesting presentation.

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