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Better Care Fund 2022/23 Programme

Report of the Assistant Director Commissioning, Performance and Transformation


The Assistant Director Commissioning, Performance and Transformation submitted a report (previously circulated) updating Member on the submission of the Darlington Better Care Fund Plan for the 2022/23 programme; and updating Members on the review across all funded schemes as part of the programme.


The submitted report stated that the Better Care Fund (BCF) was a programme spanning the NHS and Local Government which sought to join up health and care services; integrated care boards (ICBs) and local government were required to agree a joint plan for using pooled budgets to support integration, which was governed by an agreement under section 75 of the NHS Act (2006); and the plan was owned by the Health and Wellbeing Board.


Details were provided of the four national conditions for funding, three of which remained as previous years, with a change to national condition 4; the four key metrics that the plan must deliver against were outlined along with funding for the 2022/23 programme . Members were informed that the funding package was not new monies.


The Plan for Darlington was submitted to the BCF national team on 26 September following endorsement by the Programme Board; no feedback had been received from the assurance panel to date; and a service review was underway across all funded schemes to ensure the schemes continued to deliver against the priorities of the programme.



RESOLVED – a) That the submission of the Darlington 22/23 Plan and expected dates of approval letters being issued, be noted.


(b) That the programme review underway be noted and it be agreed that a report be tabled at future meetings, detailing the outcome of the review.


REASONS – (a) Awaiting feedback from the BCF national team on the 2022/23 Darlington Plan.


(b) To allow conclusion of the programme review across all schemes.


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