Agenda item

Calendar of Council and Committee Meetings 2024/25

Report of the Group Director of Operations.


The Leader introduced the report of the  Group Director of Operations (previously circulated) requesting that consideration be given to the Calendar of Council and Committee Meetings for the 2024/25 Municipal Year (also previously circulated).


Particular reference was made at the meeting to the role of Cabinet in agreeing the dates of future meetings of other Committees of the Council.  The Assistant Director Law and Governance responded thereon.


RESOLVED – (a)  That the Calendar of Council and Committee Meetings 2023/24, as appended to the submitted report, be approved.


(b)  That the proposed dates for the meetings of Council be referred to the Annual Council meeting scheduled to be held on Thursday 23 May 2024, for approval.


REASON – (a)  To ensure that the calendar of meetings is approved to assist with forward planning.


(b)  To enable the meetings of Council to be approved.

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