Committee details

Members Standards Hearing Committee

Purpose of committee

Membership of Member Standards Hearing Committee:

There are five Borough Councillors on the Committee, (Councillors Crudass, Crumbie, Johnson, K Nicholson and AJ Scott) and two Co-opted Members (serving Parish Councillors) with a quorum of three Borough Council Members and for Parish Council complaints the quorum will be two Borough Council Members and a Parish Council Member.

The Committee is responsible for:

·         hearing cases referred to it by the Monitoring Officer

·         the Committee, can with the benefit of any advice from the Independent Person and or the Monitoring Officer, conclude that the Member did not fail to comply with the Code of Conduct, and so dismiss the complaint

·         if the Committee concludes that the Member did fail to comply with the Code of Conduct, the Chair will inform the Member of this finding and the Committee will then consider what action, if any, the Committee should take in accordance with the procedure contained in arrangements for dealing with complaints against Members [pdf document]



Contact information

Support officer: Allison Hill, Democratic Officer, Operations Group. email:  [email protected] or telephone 01325 405997