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Council Plan 2020/23 Performance Report - Quarter 2

13/01/2023 - Council Plan 2020/23 Performance Report - Quarter Two (2022/23)

The Leader introduced the report of the Chief Officers Executive (previously circulated) presenting an overview of progress made towards achieving the key outcomes of the Council Plan 2020/23 ‘Delivering Success for Darlington’ together with the Performance Management Report April to September 2021 (also previously circulated).


The submitted report outlined the vision of the Council Plan ‘Delivering Success for Darlington’ which was structured around the key priorities of growing Darlington’s economy; maximising the potential of young people; working with communities to maximise their potential; supporting the most vulnerable in the Borough; and a dedicated workforce who were proud to serve the Borough and an accessible, effective and engaged Council.


The performance management report outlined the Council performance up to the end of the second quarter of the 2022/23 financial year and provided a high-level update on overall progress, across all portfolios, towards the overarching vision and priorities together with an update on each Cabinet portfolio area, highlighting progress made against key actions and relevant key performance indicators.  Particular reference was made to the emerging national and global issues such as increasing energy and supply chain costs and the war in Ukraine, which were having a significant impact on residents, businesses and on the delivery of Council services.


Particular refences were made at the meeting to inclusion of areas where the Council was not performing particularly well or where there were pressures and whether it was possible to quantify the benefit to the economy, of the elderly being able to remain in their own homes.  The Chair, Cabinet Member with the Adults Portfolio and the Group Director of People responded thereon.


RESOLVED – That the progress made against the Council Plan 2020/23 ‘Delivering Success for Darlington’, as set out in the performance management report appended to the submitted report, be noted.

 REASON - To update Cabinet on the progress in implementing the Council Plan priorities.