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Revenue Budget Monitoring - Quarter 3

10/02/2023 - Revenue Budget Monitoring 2022/23 - Quarter Three

The Cabinet Member with the Resources Portfolio introduced the report of the Group Director of Operations (previously circulated) providing a forecast of the 2022/23 revenue budget outturn as part of the Council’s continuous financial management process.


The submitted report stated that it was the third revenue budget management report to Cabinet for 2022/23 and that the latest projections showed an overall decline of £0.616M on the 2022/26 Medium Term Financial Plan, however, this was an improvement of £0.735M compared with the previous Quarter Two revenue budget monitoring report (Minute C212/Nov/22refers) which was due to an improvement in the departmental position of £0.412M and the release of the Risk Contingencies budget of £0.323M.


RESOLVED - (a)  That the forecast revenue outturn for 2022/23, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.


(b)  That further regular reports be made to monitor progress and take prompt action if necessary.


(c)  That the carry forward requests, as detailed in paragraphs 16 and 17, be approved.


REASONS - (a)  To continue effective management of resources.


(b)  To continue to deliver services to agreed levels.