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Private Sector Environmental Crime Enforcement - Update

08/02/2019 - Private Sector Environmental Crime Enforcement - Update

Pursuant to Minute C128(20/Mar/18), the Cabinet Member with the Leisure and Local Environment Portfolio introduced the report of the Director of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services (previously circulated), providing Cabinet with an update on the pilot entered into with Kingdom Services Group with regard to enforcement services for litter and dog fouling offences.


The submitted report stated that the Council had been running a pilot with Kingdom Service Group for the enforcement of litter and dog fouling offences; officers’ experience of working with the Kingdom Service Group had been poor; due to changes in senior management Council staff had had to support Kingdom Service Group staff on a regular basis; and that the Council had recently established a Civic Enforcement Team, which had responsibility for environmental enforcement, including litter and dog fouling.


References were made to the number of fixed penalty notices (FPN’s) issued during the first three months of the contract; the number of appeals received against those FPN’s; feedback received from residents and town centre traders in respect of the pilot; and the options available following the completion of the pilot at the end of March 2019.


Discussion ensued on the difficulty of enforcing littering and dog fouling; the importance of education in tackling litter and dog fouling; and the need to continue enforcement of littering and dog fouling to improve the environment of the town.


RESOLVED – That notice be issued to Kingdom Service Group, to terminate the contract for litter and dog fouling enforcement, at the end of the pilot period on 31 March 2019.


REASONS – (a) The poor experience and service provided by Kingdom Service Group to date, as well as the feedback from residents and traders.


(b) To end private sector enforcement for litter and dog fouling across the Borough, allowing time for Kingdom Service Group to wind down the contract.