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Housing Allocation Policy

11/10/2019 - Housing Allocations Policy

The Cabinet Member with the Housing, Health and Partnerships Portfolio introduced the report of the Director of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services (previously circulated) requesting that consideration be given to approving the proposed changes to the Common Allocations Policy for the Tees Valley Lettings Partnership.


The submitted report stated that the current policy required updating to meet a number of requirements, namely ensuring that the Council met its commitments in respect of the Tees Valley Lettings Partnership; consistency of policy across the sub region, ensuring clarity and transparency for applicants; that the policy was aligned with the legislative requirements; and that the policy was reflective of stakeholder feedback provided during the consultation process.


Particular references were made at the meeting to the support that would be available from the Council to those residents on low income, should they require it; the merging of two bands; and to the need to review and reflect on the impact of the policy following its introduction.  The Cabinet Member with the Housing, Health and Partnerships Portfolio and the Assistant Director Housing and Building Services responded thereon.


In reaching its decision, Members took into consideration the Equality Impact Assessment (also previously circulated).


RESOLVED - That the proposed amendments to the Tees Valley Common Allocations Policy, as detailed in the submitted report, be approved.

REASONS - (a)  To meet the legislative requirements of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.


(b)  The policy has not been reviewed since 2012 and requires updating.


(c)  There have been recent changes to the Tees Valley Partnership.


(d)  A consultation has been carried out and there is strong support for the proposals.