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Improvements to Coniscliffe Road - Encouraging Footfall in the Town Centre

08/07/2022 - Improvements to Coniscliffe Road

The Cabinet Member with the Economy Portfolio introduced the report of the Chief Executive (previously circulated) requesting that consideration be given to the allocation of £700,000 from the Tees Valley Indigenous Growth Fund (IGF) for improvements to Coniscliffe Road which will act as a catalyst for economic growth and town centre recovery, creating a vibrant social space, to encourage and retain footfall in the town centre.


The submitted report stated that the proposed strategic interventions would contribute to the development of a café culture, moving away from the declining, traditional retail space; enhance the feeling of safety, wellbeing, and ownership of the space; and that the improvements would encourage more people to visit and spend their leisure time and money in the area’s cafes and shops, which would benefit the local economy.  Particular reference was made to the proposal to utilise some of the funding from the Tees Valley Indigenous Growth Fund to invest in the upgrade of Coniscliffe Road, to create a focal point for outdoor dining and hospitality, together with a social space for local people and visitors to the town.


RESOLVED – (a)  That the upgrade and improvement works to Coniscliffe Road, as set out in the submitted report, be supported, to meet a range of aspirations namely; accommodating a pavement café culture, strengthening green infrastructure, promoting active travel – cycling and walking, supporting local businesses and creating a safe, attractive, and working streetscape for the future.


(b)  That £700,000 from the Tees Valley Indigenous Growth Fund, be allocated, for upgrading and improvement works in Coniscliffe Road and that it be noted that a further £240,000 would be match funded through Darlington’s Town Board Fund.

(c)  That the works required, be designated as a non-strategic procurement.


REASONS – (a) To contribute to the further economic wellbeing and vitality of the town.

(b)  To comply with the Council’s Procurement Rules.