Local - Borough and Parish Council Elections - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties
Bank Top and Lascelles Helen Crumbie Labour
Maureen Wendy Newall Labour
Darrien Wright Darlington Independents
Brinkburn and Faverdale Scott William Durham Conservative
Rachel Clara Mills Conservative
Valerie Lisa Preston Conservative
Cockerton Paul James Baldwin Labour
Jan Cossins Labour
Eddie Heslop Labour
College Bryony Hannah Holroyd Green Party
Matthew Charles Snedker Green Party
Eastbourne Jonathan Thomas Dulston Conservative
Kevin Barry Nicholson Darlington Independents
Steven James Tait Darlington Independents
Harrowgate Hill Ian Stuart Bell Conservative
Jon Clarke Conservative
Lynn Paley Labour
Haughton and Springfield Chris McEwan Labour
Andy Scott Labour
Nick Wallis Labour
Heighington and Coniscliffe Paul Crudass Conservative
Gerald Garfield Lee Conservative
Hummersknott Paul Howell Conservative
Charles Vincent Johnson Conservative
Hurworth Christy Wah Keung Chou Conservative
Lorraine Kristin Tostevin Conservative
Mowden Pauline Culley Conservative
Alan James Marshall Conservative
North Road Hilary Allen Liberal Democrats
Nigel Frederick Boddy Liberal Democrats
Anne-Marie Curry Liberal Democrats
Northgate Syeda Sajna Begum Ali Labour
Eleanor Jane Lister Labour
Park East Cyndi Hughes Labour
Libby McCollom Labour
Michael Robert Nicholson Labour
Park West Bob Donoghue Conservative
Heather Irene Scott Conservative
Pierremont Steve Harker Labour
Linda Hughes Labour
Mary Layton Labour
Red Hall and Lingfield Sam Howarth Labour
Hilary Lucas Labour
Sadberge and Middleton St. George Brian Jones Conservative
Doris Mary Jones Conservative
Deborah Laing Conservative
Stephenson Ian G Haszeldine Labour
Michael Francis Renton Conservative
Whinfield Jamie Luke Bartch Conservative
Andy Keir Conservative