Executive post

Local Services Portfolio





·       Street Scene Policy (refuse/recycling/street cleaning/grounds maintenance)

·       Crematorium and Cemeteries

·       Arboriculture

·       Countryside and Allotments

·       Parks, Open Spaces and Play Areas

·       Waste Management

·       Fleet Management and Maintenance

·       Head of Steam

·       Hippodrome

·       Events and Programming

·       Library Service

·       Strategic Arts

·       2025

·       Transport Policy

·       Highway Authority responsibilities, including :-

o   Transport and Highways Asset Management (roads, paths, rights of way, street lighting, traffic signals, signage);

o   Transport and Highways Network Management and Improvement Schemes

o   Road Safety

o   Parking Policy

o   Supported Bus Services and Concessionary Fares

o   Sustainable Transport

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